Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today's events

Well, today I received my Pur Minerals Starter Kit, from The color is a bit light for me without any blush or bronzer to tone it down. I like the coverage which can range from light to medium- without a primer. In the package I received some samples of Smashbox Photo Finish foundation Primer and Pur Minerals color-correcting foundation primer plus Ojon Hair restoritive treatment. I will try the foundation out with both primers and see which one held up best. I've used the Ojon on two previous occasions and it smells likes nuts, or more like nature? Anyway it made my hair really shiny and smooth but the smell didn't go away. At least I don't remember it going away, so I will refresh my memory of it later this week!

Today the husband and I went out into town so we could just get out of the house. Instead of going to Zushi, we went to Hakkei which is one of the stops on the train going toward Yokosuka from where I live. On our way out of the train station(eki) there was a shrine, an awesome looking building, another shrine and a Daiei mall. So we went to the mall fisrt and had lunch then looked around in the Daiso 100yen store. Got a few things here and there including dinner, which was Kare raisu or Curry Rice. We bought some curry but me being forgetful and all only picked up one packet, which isn't enough curry for a full serving for both of us but we made due. After Daiei, we stopped at the shrine ( jinga) and took some pictures.

Here they are

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