Thursday, February 26, 2009

anniversary, hauls, and just me

It was recently my one year anniversary with my hubby.^__^ I got him for a whole week!!! yay!! We also took a trip to Yokohama since I had slightly strained my shoulder with some intense Wii play. We went to the Sky Building for dinner and had Yakiniku. That was a first for both of us but it was truly delicious. Afterward we got crepes at a small creperie called The Little Seman... we had to laugh being he is in the Navy and all.. I forgot to take pics from dinner and the crepes because we inhaled everything!! But I did get a picture of their menu~~

fruit sorbet that came with our set meal from the yakiniku place- its so cute!!


We then decided to just explore since he had never been to Yokohama. So we walked along and ended up finding a Tokyu Hands and a Daiei near to the train station. You know I had to pick up a few things....

These are ashtrays!! so effin cute!

After shopping a bit, the husband wanted to grab a few drinks so we stopped into this tiny hole in the wall bar. The atmosphere was very relaxed and cozy. People sharing bottles of wine and cocktails and such with hiphop in the background. - I've noticed that no matter where I go here in Japan, there is always hiphop playing. Doesn't matter what type of establishment, bakery, jewelry store, anywhere there is hiphop, I love it- I had a apricot and soda and a maitai, the husband had of course a beer and then a maitai with me so I wouldnt feel like such a pansy. I have never been to a bar before prior to that night so I had no idea what to order even though I could read the menu ( in katakana and hiragana) I still didn't know what was in any of the drinks. Plus I don't like the taste of alcohol so I prefer the fruity girly drinks- surprise surprise-
The maitai was strong as fooook man, but the apricot n soda was juuuuust right. lol ima have to go out drinking more, any ladies up for a night out?

Now onto the pictures

me after I finished my make up for anniversary dinner

me a few days ago at my friends place

some of my haul from the past few days

mandom, small blue rollers, oil blotting papers, cape air arrange hair spray
shower caps- gotta keep that frizz on low you know- medium rolloers, bobby pins, thingy for perfect bangs

headbands- light pink, black, white

butterfly earrings, wing earrings, "button" earrings - white, blue, purple-
ice cream necklace with star and heart accent, cake necklace

close ups

Saturday, February 21, 2009

M.A.C mini haul, and kitties.

The other day I received my M.A.C purchase from the new Hello Kitty does M.A.C collection. What drove me to get what I did was I liked, the orange- Paradisco and the purple- Stylin'. I know Paradisco is part of the permanent line, but I couldn't resist the kitty, sue me. A little surprise I noticed was that the light cream color Cream Royal, is almost if not the same color as Rose en Blanc from the Strange Hybrid collection from a few years ago. I have been running low on Rose en Blanc and have been looking for a similar dupe for a while now, come to find out it came as a nice lil cherry topper to the colors I was drawn too ^__^ I also picked up a lipglass in Nice to be Nice. Its orengy and glittery but sheer enough for every day use. Most of my lip glosses are in the pinky peach range so I thought why not?! And I'm happy I did.


Styling, Cream Royal, Blacktrack,

Stila- kajal eye kohl in onyx

And some actual kitties because I love them ^__^

This is Sage, my girls cat, he's so laid back and he loves to snuggle

And this is my baby Lilly ^__^ she's a pansy and is scared of everything but she has made leaps and bounds when it comes to affection and dealing with new things

here is her crazy face lol

Sunday, February 15, 2009


It's been a minute since I've posted but here goes another one. In my previous post I talked about a store called Homes. Whenever I hear that, my mind goes straight back to AZ and all the Mexicans I know, haha homes... anyway back on topic. Homes is like Walmart, Petsmart, Home Depot, Auto Zone and Ikea all rolled into one huge location.

This is a giant kapybara toy, check that price man...

Also the other day L and I got to kick it out in Atsugi. She got me started on my crocheting, my beanie is not looking too good we gonna have to do a follow up lesson =_= but ima keep working at it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

tokyo, shopping, and stuff

I have been sooooo lazy about blogging lately=_= gomen

Well last weekend I took my husband up to Akihabara and of course he loved it. I think next time we're gonna either go to Shinjuku or Shibuya. It was really cold when we went and raining and I was already sick, so it made it worse for about a week.

uh, engrish much?

A flyer for a Maid Cafe handed out by girls in lil maid costumes and cat ears nyan!

my japanese pose imitation teehee

this phone is from a drama that's popular right now
can't think of the name though..

The day before yesterday I had a hair appointment at the salon on the main base for a hair cut, all well and good. Not! Since my hair is naturally very curly she said I should have come in with straight hair. Ok. Well then she tells me she can't straighten my hair for the cut because I didnt make an appointment for it, and also after the cut she would not style it in any way. This is not her fault actually though, the women that booked me didn't tell me their policy. They only give the stylist enough time to do what is put in the system. So unless I said I wanted a wash,cut,flat iron and style I wouldn't get one. My mistake because I thought it was run like a regular salon where things are packaged for customer satisfaction not how many people you can fit through the door... oh well that's business for you. I will be more aware of this now if I decide to go back for anything..

Anyway after that, I was pretty pissed off so I did the next best thing for me. Shop. First it started with some cheap makeup from the NEX, then got some movies. Then we left to go to Daiei mall and I got this convertable scarf thing thats really cute and soft! cashmere baby!! woo
After Daiei we went to Holmes which is like Walmart/Petsmart/Homedepot/Ikea all rolled into its own entity of a store. Ended up getting a new desk for the computer room, some stuff for my cat so she doesnt shed all over my couch again >.< and some baking stuff ^__^ I started feeling better by the time we went home, still mad about it though.

Yesterday I took my friend nina down to Holmes because she just found out she could get a kitty too and they have a bigger selection of pet stuff in general compared to the NEX. Before we started shopping we stopped off at the McDonalds in Holmes ( Just like walmart right?) and had lunch. I had the Teriyaki McBurger, it was effen delicious!!! I just wish it was the booth next to us, there was this lil baby girl in a high chair the same age as nina's son being all smiley with us^__^. Her grandmother was saying the lil girl wanted us to pick her up, she kept waving and holding out her arms to us. She was sooo adorable. We were on a slight timecrunch though so we had to hurry off to the pet area and get started.

Holmes has animals galore and the best part is you don't smell them at all. Unlike petsmart and petco you smell animal as soon as the doors open. They even had a OWL yes an OWL for sale. It was roughly a grand, which is actually the same or less then most puppies at pet stores. I felt soo bad for the poor thing, in a small cage all the lights... its a shame. They have a slew of other animals to choose from including doves?! parrots, parakeets, rabbits,chinchillas,ferrets,guinea pigs, hamster,mice,snakes,iguanas,spiders,turtles,lizards, some chicken like creatures babies, dogs, cats and fish. Also the selection to choose from is kind of staggering as well. A multitude of cages holding different breeds of the same species like lop bunnies, rex bunnies, dwarf bunnies and so on.

Well I think thats all for now til I get a lil better, stupid cold.

I have pics from Holmes, just getting a case of the laziness again... later everyone!!