Thursday, February 26, 2009

anniversary, hauls, and just me

It was recently my one year anniversary with my hubby.^__^ I got him for a whole week!!! yay!! We also took a trip to Yokohama since I had slightly strained my shoulder with some intense Wii play. We went to the Sky Building for dinner and had Yakiniku. That was a first for both of us but it was truly delicious. Afterward we got crepes at a small creperie called The Little Seman... we had to laugh being he is in the Navy and all.. I forgot to take pics from dinner and the crepes because we inhaled everything!! But I did get a picture of their menu~~

fruit sorbet that came with our set meal from the yakiniku place- its so cute!!


We then decided to just explore since he had never been to Yokohama. So we walked along and ended up finding a Tokyu Hands and a Daiei near to the train station. You know I had to pick up a few things....

These are ashtrays!! so effin cute!

After shopping a bit, the husband wanted to grab a few drinks so we stopped into this tiny hole in the wall bar. The atmosphere was very relaxed and cozy. People sharing bottles of wine and cocktails and such with hiphop in the background. - I've noticed that no matter where I go here in Japan, there is always hiphop playing. Doesn't matter what type of establishment, bakery, jewelry store, anywhere there is hiphop, I love it- I had a apricot and soda and a maitai, the husband had of course a beer and then a maitai with me so I wouldnt feel like such a pansy. I have never been to a bar before prior to that night so I had no idea what to order even though I could read the menu ( in katakana and hiragana) I still didn't know what was in any of the drinks. Plus I don't like the taste of alcohol so I prefer the fruity girly drinks- surprise surprise-
The maitai was strong as fooook man, but the apricot n soda was juuuuust right. lol ima have to go out drinking more, any ladies up for a night out?

Now onto the pictures

me after I finished my make up for anniversary dinner

me a few days ago at my friends place

some of my haul from the past few days

mandom, small blue rollers, oil blotting papers, cape air arrange hair spray
shower caps- gotta keep that frizz on low you know- medium rolloers, bobby pins, thingy for perfect bangs

headbands- light pink, black, white

butterfly earrings, wing earrings, "button" earrings - white, blue, purple-
ice cream necklace with star and heart accent, cake necklace

close ups


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

oooh u hauled good girl!

L said...

oh yes, look at them goodies. we gotta go "goody it up" soon! :)

happy belated anniversary! FEB seems to be tha'month!!!! <3

AFWifey said...

Lol... Lovin the dessert accessories. Two of our favorite things. :)

Kimberly Tia said...

look at all those goodies!!! how fun!!!

i especially love your two necklaces at the very end, mega kawaii girl!!