Sunday, October 19, 2008

10/19/08 haul,n more

well I haven't actually been to busy, just really lazy on the blogging. I had dinner at cindy's the other night, she made sukiyaki which was delicious by the way. But on to today, I got off my lazy bum and decided to not mope around missing my husband, missing my stuff that still has yet to get here, eating everything in sight, and generally living through the internet- yet I wasn't blogging.. So I went into Zushi again but this time on my own. I hit the drugstore that was right in the station. H.A.C drug I think it was called. There I picked up rosy rosa eyelashes and glue and a bottel of Cleansing Express Sebum cleansing lotion plus a pack of Skilabo pore strips. that set me back about 1800 yen. Then I headed down to King 100yen store where I got a shower curtain and shower hooks, more eyelashes and a mini eyelash curler similar to the shu uemura eyelash curler, which set me back about 400 yen- duh! After that I made my way down to the other 100yen store which I believe is a Daiso if my katakana skills are correct! There I got a 100pack of fake nails, nail glue , nail buffer, nail art, and nail polish which was about 500 yen. my final stop of the afternoon and my favorite was the bakery!! OMG I got the most scrumcious strawberry cake I've ever tasted. It was making love to my mouth I swear!! Its not like your typical strawberry cake. It was light and airy, tart, sweet all at the same time. The frosting isn't overwhelmingly sweet like with most grocery store cakes nor is it as thick. The slice was just the perfect size as well and only 330 yen!! Just another place to take my husband when he gets back! Well I will have to let you all go for now gotta go and try out my new stuff!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

zushi city

Where I live there is a town nearby thats called zushi. I decided today since it was such a nice day, why not? well apparently so did cindy because she met up with me there about 20 mins after I got there! Totally grateful!!! I was in the wrong area for shopping when she called so I headed back to station. After a little bit we found eachother, I was at the south exit near the beach and she was at the north by the shopping district. So I made my way north and we first stopped at a 100yen store. My new favorite place! I had been searching and searching on my own for one and she brought me to the perfect one. I got tons of stuff for my house for 945yen!! thats like 8.50 dollars!!! Then she took me to another 100yen store and I got dishes and stuff. Its hard starting out with nothing....
Anyway so we then continue to wander past grocery stores bakeries and all kinds of stuff! We actually stopped at a grocery and she picked up some stuff for Nabe- or hot pot meal. Then we went back to the first 100yen store because right next to it was some other store that had the floor cleaner that I needed. Cindy was soo nice, I didn't anticapate all these purchases so she ended up helping me pay for alot of stuff! I totally apreaciate it! she's been one of the biggest helps I've had out here, seeing as my sponsor up and dissapeared the night I arrived... but thats another story. Well we headed back to base and I picked up a ricecooker because I don't have any appliances nor have them coming so it's my first kitchen staple. It's decent sized and was under $20 which made me even happier! well I have to go start dinner now bye bye

Sunday, October 12, 2008

shibuya, tokyo

Okay, so I went to shibuya the other night and it was amazing. Right now I'm amazingly tired too.
It was a little rainy that night but fun nonetheless. When I exited the massively packed train station ( which was super hot cuz of all the body heat) the frist thing I saw was lights. Lights like you've never seen. New York City has nothing on Tokyo, I believe there were 3 two story jumbo televisions whereas NYC has one in front of MTV studios. Shibuya is famous for its 'pedestrian scramble' which is the busiest cross section of streets in the world. Hundreds of people cross this street every few minutes, there are so many people that when the cross sign turns green you can't even see the street anymore. Cars were stuck in between people it was so busy. Well as I crossed the sea of people I went into a book store called Seibu. Which is more than just a book store with its 6 stories up full of dvds, cd's, games, magazines, books plus a starbucks and another cafe. They have even more in the basement!! I essentially went to Shibuya to accompany my new friend Cindy to a YesJapan meetup. So we killed time at the Honya til it was time to meet everyone. The meeting place was set at the statue of Hachiko the dog. Which is a famous place to meet people young and old. The only problem we had was we were looking for some japanese people whose face I wasn't familiar with in an epicenter of japanese people. quite the perdicament... anyway we found them after many phone calls ( its really loud so it was hard to hear) and headed off to Shakey's Pizza to get started on the greetings.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little something

I don't really have much to say right now, been studying japanese and forgot that I did in fact take a few pics from around the house with my phone. The drinks are from the vending machine in my building. The brown one is milk tea, which is delicious. The other im not sure what its called but it was an unpleasant surprise for me to say the least. Note the spoon in the picture of the orange can, i wasn't sure what that meant. Well it means that there is orange jello in the can. I was quite thirsty when I bought this, and to my choking surprise there were chunks in it. Yea, you see the unpleasant part to this? Try drinking jello after walking all day up and down hill in humidity. blegh. The other picture is from one of my many windows, specifically my kitchen. This is what I see. To everyone in Arizona thats what a tree looks like. A real tree! And grass too!! lol

im back, kinda

I have been really bored and busy since I didn't have internet. I will admit I have been slacking majorly. Not one picture has been taken during my off time.. shame I know but I will compensate eventually.. I guess lol.

I have indeed moved into my new place,I have a high rise in ikego hills. That means no dog, and possibly no bunny from what I read in the guide book, but that will be debated later with the housing office for some clarification. In the guide book it states that no wild or exotic animals can be kept as pets such as rabbits, ferrets,tarantulas, etc. But are they talking wild bunnies or domesticated bunnies? I can have two cats if I want but not a bunny?

Continuing I have been just renting movies from the mini mart to get by till now. I walk everywhere and my shoes show it, and kinda smell it... anyway the weather can't make up its mind. It's pouring rain one day then the sun is shining the next.

I've got my japanese cell phone now as well, i will put up pics soon i hope.

Small recap of my week so far
  • dropped off medical records at hospital
  • changed address of phones
  • got lost on the train
  • got lost some more
  • firgured everything out with the train
  • got internet- bout time
  • talked to laura, my mom, and brother on the phone and skype
  • talked to katie from she is super nice and really cool!!
  • made another friend from
  • might meet up with a friend in yokohama this weekend
  • will be signing up for japanese class in my building (gotta love not having to go far)
well thats it for now, i will try and update later today!!