Sunday, October 12, 2008

shibuya, tokyo

Okay, so I went to shibuya the other night and it was amazing. Right now I'm amazingly tired too.
It was a little rainy that night but fun nonetheless. When I exited the massively packed train station ( which was super hot cuz of all the body heat) the frist thing I saw was lights. Lights like you've never seen. New York City has nothing on Tokyo, I believe there were 3 two story jumbo televisions whereas NYC has one in front of MTV studios. Shibuya is famous for its 'pedestrian scramble' which is the busiest cross section of streets in the world. Hundreds of people cross this street every few minutes, there are so many people that when the cross sign turns green you can't even see the street anymore. Cars were stuck in between people it was so busy. Well as I crossed the sea of people I went into a book store called Seibu. Which is more than just a book store with its 6 stories up full of dvds, cd's, games, magazines, books plus a starbucks and another cafe. They have even more in the basement!! I essentially went to Shibuya to accompany my new friend Cindy to a YesJapan meetup. So we killed time at the Honya til it was time to meet everyone. The meeting place was set at the statue of Hachiko the dog. Which is a famous place to meet people young and old. The only problem we had was we were looking for some japanese people whose face I wasn't familiar with in an epicenter of japanese people. quite the perdicament... anyway we found them after many phone calls ( its really loud so it was hard to hear) and headed off to Shakey's Pizza to get started on the greetings.

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