Sunday, October 19, 2008

10/19/08 haul,n more

well I haven't actually been to busy, just really lazy on the blogging. I had dinner at cindy's the other night, she made sukiyaki which was delicious by the way. But on to today, I got off my lazy bum and decided to not mope around missing my husband, missing my stuff that still has yet to get here, eating everything in sight, and generally living through the internet- yet I wasn't blogging.. So I went into Zushi again but this time on my own. I hit the drugstore that was right in the station. H.A.C drug I think it was called. There I picked up rosy rosa eyelashes and glue and a bottel of Cleansing Express Sebum cleansing lotion plus a pack of Skilabo pore strips. that set me back about 1800 yen. Then I headed down to King 100yen store where I got a shower curtain and shower hooks, more eyelashes and a mini eyelash curler similar to the shu uemura eyelash curler, which set me back about 400 yen- duh! After that I made my way down to the other 100yen store which I believe is a Daiso if my katakana skills are correct! There I got a 100pack of fake nails, nail glue , nail buffer, nail art, and nail polish which was about 500 yen. my final stop of the afternoon and my favorite was the bakery!! OMG I got the most scrumcious strawberry cake I've ever tasted. It was making love to my mouth I swear!! Its not like your typical strawberry cake. It was light and airy, tart, sweet all at the same time. The frosting isn't overwhelmingly sweet like with most grocery store cakes nor is it as thick. The slice was just the perfect size as well and only 330 yen!! Just another place to take my husband when he gets back! Well I will have to let you all go for now gotta go and try out my new stuff!!

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Tammy M said...

ooohhh, look at all that cute stuff!