Monday, January 19, 2009


I feel like I'm having something of an identity crisis here. I'm at a loss with what to do with my thick, coarse, tightly curled hair. For years before I could make the decision for myself consciously I would get my hair relaxed because that is what the mass media has force fed into everyone's mind. curly hair= bad long straight hair=good. As a result of multiple chemical treatments my hair was drier, very brittle and seemed to not grow at the same rate or even at all. Well I made the decision last March to stop relaxing my hair and it's been somewhat beneficial to me. I also stopped using shampoo, since it made my hair very frizzy and harder to comb. Since my decision I've had my hair in braids and also my first salon done "weave" which was all well and good til I moved and had nobody to do it out here. Now I have almost none of the relaxed hair and its all new 'healthy' hair, but I have no idea how to handle it. Its almost impossible to comb without massive amounts of baby detangler , moisturizing hair dress, and hair oil. But even then it just turns into an Afro. I am not down with and afro, at all. But what other choice do I have? I know nobody who will braid it or anything, its getting to the point where I want to say to hell with it and shave my head but I would regret that like no other. So where does that leave me? With society propegating long shiny hair is what is acceptable what am I left to do. I don't want to relax my hair, I would end up right back here again. Straightening it every day would lead to the same damage so I don't do anything. I would wear hats but I look bald since my hair is so curly and short. Whenever I leave I either comb it into a tiny puffy pony tail and slap a bandana on top but that can only do so much. I feel like I have no options. I dunno, I feel that I would look weird and convey the wrong message about myself if I had an afro. Its just not who I am. I mean I am scared of large groups of black people for goodness sakes!!

me with braids

me with weave

me with straightened natural hair

cornrow bang, two puffs in the back

Now get ready for this folks you are about to witness my afro before and after


Before- uncombed , lumpy, tangled, just not a good look

After- fluffy, lite, can possible smuggle something in there, still not a good look

I'm going to go hide from these last two embarrassing pics, I hope you all enjoyed my rant about my hair issues



AFWifey said...

Aww sweetie! I'm glad you want to do what is best in the long run for you and your hair. You just have to roll with the punches. Personally I think you're quite feminine enough to pull off an afro. It isn't nearly as bad as having a backwards mullet like I had to live with forever!

navy wife and beauty freak said...

lol backward mullet. i think i had one of those before i cut my hair to move to SC

L said...

girllll, i wish i could relate with your hair but id be lyin if i said i understood. i remember my cousin (half black & taiwanese) havin' a hard time with her hair when she was young. even though her hair would grow becuz of the asian side, the texture was like yours. her parents just stuck her in pony tail, afro puffs.


did you eva consider a japanese perm here? i had a middle eastern friend who had really coarse and thick hair that got it done, it came out nice.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i love big sexy 'fros!!!

navy wife and beauty freak said...

im trying to stay away from chemicals cuz my hair is very dry as it is =_=

lol thanx nic nic!

man, i may not have a choice but to rock the fro... T_T

K said...

just wondering - aren't there other women on the base who are in the same situation?
It would be nice if you could trade tips!