Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 11th 2010 haul

Well today my Forever 21 order came in, so I decided to add to my good mood by going shopping ^__^ I went to this thrift ish store called Book off which has other stores attached like Hard off, Off house, B sports among others. Plus I also hit up the Daiei shopping plaza and went to G.U to get more leggings.

Item list

Sweet Nothings Stud Set- Cream/ Clear

Triple Flower Stud Set- Pink/ Clear

Floral Pearlescent Bracelet- Cream/ Clear

Jeweled Cutout Flower Ring- Silver/ Clear

Wire Wrap Earrings- Gold

Beaded Braid Headband- Cream

Dainty Satin Bobby Pins- Grey

Elastic Back Thong Sandals- Gold

Comme ca Ism Shirtdress

Grey ruffle Tunic

  Close up of Satin Belt and Clutch

Grey and Black leggings and Black open ended tights

Til next time everyone~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New products and more summer plans

Well today I picked up the new Revlon Photo Ready Foundation and Dove's Energy Glow Body Lotion.  I've been using the Jergans for about 8 days now and I don't see a noticable difference in "glow" so I thought I would up the color changing process a bit with this new body lotion. I've used this product before about 4 years ago without knowing it was a glow enhancing lotion, so when I noticed it I liked it to say the least. I'm hoping that using this product will give me the desired effect. I will test out the new foundation and let you know how it turns out

Dove Energy Glow Body Lotion


Revlon Photo Ready in Rich Ginger


Hopefully this summer I will get to travel more. My wishlist of possible destinations are



Hong Kong

Bali/ Malaysia


Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer plans

Well I've been gone for a while now due to sheer lazyness.. any way quick recap, my friend visited from up north for my birthday, had an awesome time, then I went back to the states with the hub for a mini vacay and to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary-Vegas Style- and welcomed a new life to the family via a nephew, then my mother visited me since shes is also currently living in Japan, just a different island- thank goodness- I love my mom but not to have her here everyday is a blessing. Very close to getting a new job, and started school last august as well. Hanging with friends, making memories, celebrating birthdays and just the sun in general.

I've currently been doing the Insanity workout to prepare for summer and the beach. 60days, to a better beach body, or so says Shaun T. Well I believe him because I already feel stronger and have more stamina after only a week. I have just recieved some My Beauty Diary masks and started getting golden with Jergans gradual tanning lotion.

A few items that I've purchased recently

my current bag by Micheal Kors

My Beauty Diary Mask- Apple Polyphynol

Description from
"My beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask tightens pores, refines and hydrates skin. It is ideal for all skin types, especially skin with visible pores.
Nano mild Hibiscus acid tightens pores: It is a mild Alpha Hydroxy Acid which removes cuticles to prevent and correct large pores. Oil Balancing mask helps tighten pores and improve skin texture, leaving skin fine and radiant.
Hydrate skin and restore elasticity: Nanospheres and hyaluronic acid extracted by biological technology boost formation of collagen to restore skin’s elasticity.
Amazing Nanospheres Technology: Structured with plenty of tiny holes, it enhances absorption of nourishment, leaving skin moisturized."

That's it for now