Saturday, November 29, 2008

been gone for a minute

o hisashiburi minna san! gomen nasai!

Its been a while everyone, im sorry =_=

Well I haven't died, just got lazy about blogging. Not gonna lie about it.
But I have been doing things while out here in this crazy country! In no particular order I:

Made lots of friends- From AOB/IRC
Went to a free concert- Smashmouth
Went to Chinatown in Yokohama
Made more friends
Explored Yokohama- found some cool yet expensive buildings
Had Japanese Mexican food
Had REAL Ramen- none of that prepacked college food ya heard!!
Had Curry Rice topped with Ton Katsu( fried pork cutlet)
Went to amazing restaurants without breaking the bank
Got some early Xmas presents
Needs a new camera- mine died =__= and the base wont fix it
Got a cat- shall introduce Lilly shortly
Will have her furniture on Monday- bout damn time!!
Saw her amazing buddies the day after Turkey Day- HEY LAURA!! HEY SKY!!
Got to chat with the lovely miss FlyMamaL-

There is so much more but my mind can't get it all out at one time right now.
I have a few pics on my computer already but there are so many more to come that are on my phone since my camera decided to die- but I don't get service in my house long enough to send them to myself so I have to try to remember when I'm out on the train or something.

Lilly is a cute white and gray cat that I adopted on base from the shelter P.A.W.S- pets are worth saving- and when she was found she was slightly feral- afraid of human contact, nothing like rabies or anything- and small. With a few months of foster care she became eligible for adoption, although she still takes a bit longer to warm up to someone new. With that the shelter allowed me to take her home for a foster period of one month that could be extended due to her extreme shyness. The month is almost over and we plan to extend it a little further just so we can be sure she can adjust ok seeing as how my husband came home only a week ago, and soon our furniture will be switched out and her living situation will change again. Thats alot for a lil kitty like her to take in! But she has come a long way from the first night she came home, we can pet her for extended periods of time and get some nice purring action from her lol. Also she will eat from our hands and will play and sleep in front of us. The next milestone is to be able to pick her up without her freaking out!

This is Lilly