Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today's events

Well, today I received my Pur Minerals Starter Kit, from The color is a bit light for me without any blush or bronzer to tone it down. I like the coverage which can range from light to medium- without a primer. In the package I received some samples of Smashbox Photo Finish foundation Primer and Pur Minerals color-correcting foundation primer plus Ojon Hair restoritive treatment. I will try the foundation out with both primers and see which one held up best. I've used the Ojon on two previous occasions and it smells likes nuts, or more like nature? Anyway it made my hair really shiny and smooth but the smell didn't go away. At least I don't remember it going away, so I will refresh my memory of it later this week!

Today the husband and I went out into town so we could just get out of the house. Instead of going to Zushi, we went to Hakkei which is one of the stops on the train going toward Yokosuka from where I live. On our way out of the train station(eki) there was a shrine, an awesome looking building, another shrine and a Daiei mall. So we went to the mall fisrt and had lunch then looked around in the Daiso 100yen store. Got a few things here and there including dinner, which was Kare raisu or Curry Rice. We bought some curry but me being forgetful and all only picked up one packet, which isn't enough curry for a full serving for both of us but we made due. After Daiei, we stopped at the shrine ( jinga) and took some pictures.

Here they are

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmas

Well my Xmas was pretty rad I must say, started with my making breakfast. Chocolate chip Pancakes. YUM! Then many calls from the family of course. Had the longest conversation with my brother on the phone every in the history of our life. Which in my opinion is pretty awesome. Considering before I left we didn't speak too much about anything for that matter. Don't get me wrong we talked and stuff but not for like hours and such.. anyway back on track. Gotta call from my buddy Nina asking if the hubby and I would like to have Xmas dinner with them which was delicious. A Christmas Ham, corn, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, applesauce, cherry pie and a good time. Well I knew Nina and her husband had a Wii so we brought some games over and ended up playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl for about 5 hours straight! fun indeed. Well here are just some pics of the occasion- most are of me and Nina cuz we are camwhores!!! hahahha

My make-up for the night:


EDM in Deep tan
Mac blush in Peaches
Mac MSF in Global Glow

Ulta eyeshadow in Platinum
Mac Rose en Blanc
Mac Bark
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
Maybelinne Collosal mascara
Rimmel eyebrow pencil in light brown
Rimmel eye kohl in white
Stila kajal eye kohl in onyx

Loreal H.I.P lip jelly balm in savory

the guys

I did her make up when I got there with her stuff- kinda impromptu
All blending and application was done with sponge applicators and q-tips *

Just before we left, her husband was really tired

Well that was my night, I'll try and put up pics of the presents today too

LV wallet
LV bag
Chanel wallet
Hello Kitty blanket
Fujifilm Finepixz digital camera
lots of love!

for him
Japanese PS2 and memory card
Japanese PS2 game
Cashmere scarf

also coming up, haul and unknown xmas presents from the family in the states!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

its xmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone! hope everyone got what they wanted and got to spend time with the ones closest to you!

Friday, December 19, 2008

little trip to daiei, kind of

This is a video I took last night when my friend and I left to go to Daiei Plaza

Monday, December 8, 2008

pics of the past- mainly last months happenings

Well first off, tomorrow we pick up our car!! Excited, yes. Terrified, also yes.

Since as of right now I am the only one with a valid license I will be the one who has to drive it home. That being said, the car is on the main base. I do not live on the main base. So I will have to drive it off base to my house through many tiny scary streets filled with tons of people and the ever popular bicyclist and people on mopeds. Let's not forget the fact that I barely know my way around ON base let alone off of it!?!?!?! I have instructions and I will have my husband so I shall hope for the best. The worst thing that could happen is we get lost, but I can always ask somebody how to get here!! better yet a police officer!! they go above and beyond for you out here, another reason why I love it.

Now onto some pics.

This is me the day the hubby came back!

eucerine sunscreen/moisturizer spf 30
covergirl true blend foundation
everyday minerals deep tan foundation
mac- blush in peaches

mac- satellite dreams
mac- rose en blanc
mac- carbon
stila kajal eye pencil in onyx
rimmel eye kohl in white
rimmel eyebrow pencil
mac- blacktrack fluidline
maybelline collosal volume express mascara


Viva glam liploss IV

Another pic of me and Laura from when we met at the airport

Chinatown - Yokohama

more to come including:
more homecoming photos
Smash Mouth Concert photos
Purikura- print club- sticker pics from Chinatown

and whatever else I can find I guess, have a good night!! Jya matane~~

Thursday, December 4, 2008

parrot bay mango rum and tropic thunder

Sounds like a good night eh? Well I'm about to find out yo!

Cleaned my house, made dinner for me, hubby and the buddy- AYE Radamacker!!!!lol

Bout to get drunk, crunk, and watch a movie!! lol I'm a dork I know.

note to self, don't inhale and drink at the same time, you will choke and throw up (just a lil bit)

now off to the movie

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

household goods

Well, Monday morning bright and early my stuff arrived! Which to say the least sort of surprised me in a good way. Last shipment we received didn't arrive til maybe 11-11:45 am. Whereas this shipment was delivered promptly at 8:45am. Everything was moving smoothly and they we're done by 11. But, one of my shoes is missing and the same goes for husband as well except to right shoes are missing. weird. Also a box was missing from the shipment list. Safe to say I was livid, because the box in question held all of my anime ,movies and some video games as well. So, after about an hour or so of being pissed off I decided to start cleaning up the place and putting things where they needed to be. In the process of cleaning, low and behold the missing box!!!! It was hiding in a rubbermaid tote, under all the other empty rubbermaid totes. So when I started moving them into the storage closet, and realised this 'empty' tote was effin heavy, tada !! MY SHIT!!!

Here is a pic of me and my friend Laura from the Airport Observitory

I will try and put up pics from my previous post asap, no promises when they will show up, just hopefully soon ^_^