Monday, December 8, 2008

pics of the past- mainly last months happenings

Well first off, tomorrow we pick up our car!! Excited, yes. Terrified, also yes.

Since as of right now I am the only one with a valid license I will be the one who has to drive it home. That being said, the car is on the main base. I do not live on the main base. So I will have to drive it off base to my house through many tiny scary streets filled with tons of people and the ever popular bicyclist and people on mopeds. Let's not forget the fact that I barely know my way around ON base let alone off of it!?!?!?! I have instructions and I will have my husband so I shall hope for the best. The worst thing that could happen is we get lost, but I can always ask somebody how to get here!! better yet a police officer!! they go above and beyond for you out here, another reason why I love it.

Now onto some pics.

This is me the day the hubby came back!

eucerine sunscreen/moisturizer spf 30
covergirl true blend foundation
everyday minerals deep tan foundation
mac- blush in peaches

mac- satellite dreams
mac- rose en blanc
mac- carbon
stila kajal eye pencil in onyx
rimmel eye kohl in white
rimmel eyebrow pencil
mac- blacktrack fluidline
maybelline collosal volume express mascara


Viva glam liploss IV

Another pic of me and Laura from when we met at the airport

Chinatown - Yokohama

more to come including:
more homecoming photos
Smash Mouth Concert photos
Purikura- print club- sticker pics from Chinatown

and whatever else I can find I guess, have a good night!! Jya matane~~

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