Tuesday, December 2, 2008

household goods

Well, Monday morning bright and early my stuff arrived! Which to say the least sort of surprised me in a good way. Last shipment we received didn't arrive til maybe 11-11:45 am. Whereas this shipment was delivered promptly at 8:45am. Everything was moving smoothly and they we're done by 11. But, one of my shoes is missing and the same goes for husband as well except to right shoes are missing. weird. Also a box was missing from the shipment list. Safe to say I was livid, because the box in question held all of my anime ,movies and some video games as well. So, after about an hour or so of being pissed off I decided to start cleaning up the place and putting things where they needed to be. In the process of cleaning, low and behold the missing box!!!! It was hiding in a rubbermaid tote, under all the other empty rubbermaid totes. So when I started moving them into the storage closet, and realised this 'empty' tote was effin heavy, tada !! MY SHIT!!!

Here is a pic of me and my friend Laura from the Airport Observitory

I will try and put up pics from my previous post asap, no promises when they will show up, just hopefully soon ^_^

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AFWifey said...

lol! "Tada! MY SHIT!" Awesome. Glad you found your stuff. Hopefully the shoes turn up. Are they a ridiculously cute pair? All my shoes better be there or I will hit someone with the sharpest heel available! :p