Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Harajuku, Japan Pow wow pt 1

I'm late I know. Last monday L and I went out for ramen at Gyoza House and up to Harajuku and had a great time. Here are some pics from the craziness- gonna be a pic heavy post prepare yourself.

playing around with huge nerd glasses

This was a Monday and it was still packed

taking a pic of L taking a pic lol

Lynched Barbies?

Frog Leather Goods

what i believe to be an entrance to some strip club or something

ha, engrish

L cheezin

Giant Uggs, Shaq status

boobie pudding- yum?

us on the way home

Okay, now on to the Pow Wow. I had alot of fun meeting you ladies we must do something like this again!

wrap it up

it goes in your butt @__@

pads, haha

cute seal with huge pores!

nipple covers


face mask's


dessert nails

face mask's that look like something inappropriate

lunch at tony roma's

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jackets and bentos

So this is gonna be a fairly short post because I keep forgetting to take pics of my make-up for the day. I recently received two jackets from my mom ^__^. I will have to do a later post of me wearing them but for now these will do.

Also my small bento stuffs collection -

onigiri molds

my two tier bento and bento belt

separation cups, divider grass, bento with smaller bits for organization

sauce bottles,picks, reusable cups, paper cups

Next week I'm hanging with L n we r gonna get crafty!!! woo and we're gonna go see Yumeko!!
I'm super excited ^___^