Monday, August 24, 2009

What I've been up to...

Well, here's the rundown of what I've been up to. My husband left for deployment, I got more social, I cat sat, I babysat, shopped, went to concerts, have been redecorating my house and I am also getting ready to go back to school this fall. So that is the summarized version lol

When, my husband left , so did most of the other wives out here. They all took the summer to go back to the states and see the family and such. I took care of one said wife's cat and he destoyed some of my property so she WILL be replacing that. I also took that time to start haning out with ya girl L more, since she knows what I am going through. That was when I took my first try at driving and navagating a Japanese freeway.. let me tell you guys something.. a 30-45 minute trip took 3 hours because I got so freaking lost.. L had to come out and try to find me!!! we ended up linking up at the ramen spot we go to Gyoza House.  But man was that a loooong night! She then got me into the whole Twilight craze. Let me preface this with the fact that I scare VERY easily. I watched Twilight once before but it was a crappy bootleg and it was late at night. So I was a bit hesitant when we were gonna watch the movie, but I gave it another chance and got to focus on the romance of it plus Edwards sexiness~ After the movie I noticed she had all four books to the saga and she was on book 4 so I asked to read the first, to see what the movie changed and such. I was instantly hooked and read all four books in 5 days, only pausing because I needed to go and buy my own set because I read it so fast!! Now I am officially on Twilight stalker status over here..

Fast Forwarding now to a little more recent news I've also kept myself busy shopping. ALOT. I've made a few trips to Forever21 with L, and a few trips to the most wonderful furniture store called Nitori. I've also been contact lens shopping too.

I've purchased 4 lenses since my last posting

Colorvue Glamour Honey

EOS G-201 or Max Pure Gray

MX-21 in Aqua and Green

no pics of the aqua yet, I need to buy another contact case ^__^

Last week there were two free concerts here in Japan on two naval bases. On  NAF Atsugi, Hoobastank played and I was front row for it!!  Here are a few pics from that night.

That's just a few. On to the next concert. It was held at Naval base Yokosuka, and The All American Rejects played. Again I was front row- not without fighting my way up when the barricade opened. I swear every teen in the surrounding base area was there..


Well that's all for now everyone I will try and update soon with more of my purchases since my impromptu hiatus~~