Saturday, September 27, 2008

our first day in japan together

has been amazing!! i was pretty tired but it was worth it! we walked around base for about three hours getting acquainted with our surroundings then back to the hotel for a nap. my feet were killing me from yesterday and todays amount of walking but it was fine. after the nap we went out to the town of yokosuka off base. everyone is incredibly nice!! we went to the conbini aka 7-11 for dinner, didnt take pics but it was delicious, cheap, and filling-at least for me. we continued walking through town and went into a small hyaku yen or 100yen store then a cosmetic drugstore~~ ill def be back there. we then walked a lil more to find someplace to sit and eat. then husband was still hungry so we stopped into a 24 hour donburi resturant! amazing! sugeiiiiiiii! it was one of the places where there is a was display with the food choices and you then pay a machine and give your ticket to the waitress. husband loved the food. he was full after both meals but not uncomfortably so, the food was very lite. at the last minute i remembered to take some pics and a short vid. i will also update later with pics of some of the money~~ matane minna san!!! oyasumi!!

in japan

well its five in the morning for me but 1pm in AZ and im still kinda stuck on that time. im in my hotel on base and just counting the minutes til i can see my husband. japanese tv is super amusing i see why america steals their ideas. hahahaha lol anyways im gonna try to sleep


Thursday, September 25, 2008


im leaving for the airport now~~ bye everyone

quick post #2

ok, so i have come back from laughlin obviously but heres the rundown real quick

got my passport
spent the past two days with laura at my mother in laws moving, sorting, tagging ,documenting stuff to be moved from point a to b on friday and mondday
finished packing my bags to fly
i fly in less than 12 hours and i still have shit to do so while i type this my precious time is slipping away
i got a text from husband saying they have indeed arrived
i wont see him til the day after i arrive
im super excited and nervous but there really isnt anything left to stress about because my family can do or send whatever my feeble human mind forgets

well im off to shower and do a final checklist for everything goodnight/goodmorning i probably wont post for a lil bit. hopefully there is wifi in THIS hotel-- u know wat i mean
love you guys laterz

Saturday, September 20, 2008

quick post

I'm about to leave for Laughlin and I will be gone til sunday. I will post in detail later! so sit tight i'll be back on soon~~ bye bye

Thursday, September 18, 2008

mini haul, life update

well this post will have to be updated with pics later

haul 9/16/08
Too Faced candy bar in thin mints
Loreal H.I.P jelly balm in savory
Maybelline colossal volume express mascara in glam black
and paper soap- yes you read it correct paper soap.

Laura and I made a little trip to Beauty Brands because we've never been and I've had this nagging in the back of my mind to do it before I leave. So we went after we picked up a new kennel for her lovely doggy bella!! Beauty Brands is basically like Ulta with less makeup. The main focus I foumd was hair, skin, and nails. Though they do carry cosmetics its not that large a selection from what I could gather at the location I went to. There I picked up the Too Faced for instead of regular retail of $24.50 but for around $8 and some change along with the paper soap.
Think Listerine strips but with soap and you don't eat it! lol- just a disclaimer. That cost about $2 for a 50pack. not bad eh?

Well after that we stopped at a Walgreens where I got the other two items along with a travel pillow and pillow cases for my long international flight ahead of me. Also the reason I got the soap!

Onto the life portion, well I thought I had my flight situation taken care of but I was given less than desirable flight dates. So that was rectified and I should be leaving the 25th of this month so around that time frame I might not update to much but I will def try to document!! Also tomorrow I have a meeting on base to get my stuff moved from point A here to point B not here lol jk Japan if you haven't been keeping up!!

So I guess I'm off to hunt for batteries for my camera and to pack my clothes and such for my upcoming busy week!! til next time!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Journey to Mesa

Today was quite the productive day, if I may say so myself! lol andi do~~ anyway
I got my household goods situation taken care of, as well as my flight status stuff kinda taken care of. I should be getting a conformation email tomorrow afternoon so I can email my sponsor! Well onto the journey. After finding out that my friend Laura is indeed going to Japan as well we got all our paperwork sorted has some nasty subway sandwich then took off to Mesa to get my phone fixed and or replaced. About an hour or so later we found ourselves at the mall where the only ATT device center was in Arizona(guess you found where we went) well, as soon as we dropped my phone off we bee-lined it to the puppies and bunnies and such, which of course were amazingly cute but cost rent of a decent apartment out here. Then we perused the trendy clothing stores in which we made purchases. From Charlotte Russe I got a zebra scarf and some nice leggings in a dark violet and an opaque pair in black but were textured. Later today we stopped into a M.A.C pro store and I popped lauras M.A.C cherry so to speak! I didn't go crazy, all i got was some fix+ because I was out and Japan is mighty humid. We then wondered into the fabulous Saks 5th Ave and were lemming all the wonderful things it had to offer such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Loubouton, Gucci, Prada.. the list is endless but as we are moving, we didn't need any extra baggage or expenditures that weren't duely warrented. After we were all tired out we still managed to go to the Japanese market and pick up some snacks. We felt we needed a reward for our hard days work, don't you? lol, well i forgot to take pictures of my makeup today but I will list some of the products used

eucerine daily mosturizer with spf30
everyday minerals- deep tan
peachy blush- mac

Urban Decay Primer Potion
some noname avon peachy color
poste haste-mac
blacktrack fluidline-mac

viva glam V

Sorry I will try and be more diligent about it next time around~~

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just another day

Today was rather boring, I went to get my cars oil changed and played the wonderful mmorpg called Maplestory. Before I get into detail about the game, may I add I've lost countless hours of productive time and sleep playing this game. Its unbearable cute or as the japanese would say suupa kawaii!

MapleStory is an online computer game first developed by the South Korean company Wizet in 2003. It is a side-scrolling, 2D MMORPG. It is client-based, which means that you must download the software in order to play the game. The software can be downloaded at the official MapleStory website. However, at almost 800MB, it is advisable to use a download manager to download the game. MapleStory is completely free to register and play, although there is a "Cash Shop" where players can use real-world money to buy items that aren't available through the in-game currency, Mesos.

The game does not contain any gross violence or extremely frightening monsters. Beginners find that the game is not dark or violent, and that the environment is actually a sunny, friendly place with small snails and mushrooms as some of the monsters. Overall, gameplay is fairly simple: attack monsters, gain levels, attack stronger monsters. As players spend time in game level up, they can equip new weapons and clothes, gain more Mesos, and interact with others. Participants can also receive tasks, known as quests, from NPCs (Non-Player Characters) to earn additional rewards.

Several versions of the game are available for specific countries or regions, and each is published by various companies. There are localized versions for South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, South East Asia, Europe, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Vietnam. All other players play on the Global version. Within each version are various "worlds" that characters exist in. Players may create up to three characters in each world. In most versions, characters, items, and Mesos are not transferable between worlds, but Global added the ability to transfer characters between worlds with a Cash Shop item.

Although beginners may at first think the game is all about leveling up and hunting monsters, MapleStory is also a place to socialize. With the Maple Messenger, buddy lists, and guilds, MapleStory is a typical MMORPG, where users don't always have to hunt monsters and level up; they can take a break and chat whenever and to whomever they like.


Well, in the next coming posts I will start doing FOTDS ( Foto of the Day) and possibly LOTD (Look of the Day) and if I'm feeling particulaly lazy an EOTD (Eyes of the Day). To continue one with the beauty part of my blog I will share with you what I hope to acquire, my current collection among other things!! Looking forewad to sharing with you all.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flights,Phones and Furniture

So I have been in contact with the guy whose getting my flight booked and my passport sent to me. He's sounded like he just wanted me off the phone, so he could talk to whoever he was having his oh so interesting conversation with while taking my information. I don't think he even sent my stuff to passport and transportation but, I will be calling them promptly after this post. well blah on him!! lol

My phone has been acting up for weeks now, but I really don't want to go to all the way to Mesa to fix it. I was told it was a software problem and a master reset would fix it, but when I called the warranty line the associate just wanted to replace it but, that would entail that awful trip to Mesa.

While all these problems are still arising, I'm still waiting on my POA- what POA you ask yourself? Power of Attorney. I need that to get started on moving our belongings to Japan.
This whole waiting thing is really annoying but I guess it comes with the job description and I'm gonna have to suck it up and go with it. oh well til the next crisis~~~

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Blog for me

In this blog I will be relaying my adventures as a new navy wife and also my addiction to the beauty industry be it cosmetics, fashion, style or anything I love it and want to re immerse myself within it. I will update on the newest trends in my new place of residence which will be the wonderful country of Japan!! You read right ladies and gents off to the Land of the Rising Sun for this new military bride and thus the beginning of my adventure.