Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Journey to Mesa

Today was quite the productive day, if I may say so myself! lol andi do~~ anyway
I got my household goods situation taken care of, as well as my flight status stuff kinda taken care of. I should be getting a conformation email tomorrow afternoon so I can email my sponsor! Well onto the journey. After finding out that my friend Laura is indeed going to Japan as well we got all our paperwork sorted has some nasty subway sandwich then took off to Mesa to get my phone fixed and or replaced. About an hour or so later we found ourselves at the mall where the only ATT device center was in Arizona(guess you found where we went) well, as soon as we dropped my phone off we bee-lined it to the puppies and bunnies and such, which of course were amazingly cute but cost rent of a decent apartment out here. Then we perused the trendy clothing stores in which we made purchases. From Charlotte Russe I got a zebra scarf and some nice leggings in a dark violet and an opaque pair in black but were textured. Later today we stopped into a M.A.C pro store and I popped lauras M.A.C cherry so to speak! I didn't go crazy, all i got was some fix+ because I was out and Japan is mighty humid. We then wondered into the fabulous Saks 5th Ave and were lemming all the wonderful things it had to offer such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Loubouton, Gucci, Prada.. the list is endless but as we are moving, we didn't need any extra baggage or expenditures that weren't duely warrented. After we were all tired out we still managed to go to the Japanese market and pick up some snacks. We felt we needed a reward for our hard days work, don't you? lol, well i forgot to take pictures of my makeup today but I will list some of the products used

eucerine daily mosturizer with spf30
everyday minerals- deep tan
peachy blush- mac

Urban Decay Primer Potion
some noname avon peachy color
poste haste-mac
blacktrack fluidline-mac

viva glam V

Sorry I will try and be more diligent about it next time around~~


AFWifey said...

LOL!!! Some no-name Avon peach! You crack me up. Yesterday was indeed an awesome day. :)

navy wife and beauty freak said...

lol it is some no name thing~~ lol