Thursday, September 18, 2008

mini haul, life update

well this post will have to be updated with pics later

haul 9/16/08
Too Faced candy bar in thin mints
Loreal H.I.P jelly balm in savory
Maybelline colossal volume express mascara in glam black
and paper soap- yes you read it correct paper soap.

Laura and I made a little trip to Beauty Brands because we've never been and I've had this nagging in the back of my mind to do it before I leave. So we went after we picked up a new kennel for her lovely doggy bella!! Beauty Brands is basically like Ulta with less makeup. The main focus I foumd was hair, skin, and nails. Though they do carry cosmetics its not that large a selection from what I could gather at the location I went to. There I picked up the Too Faced for instead of regular retail of $24.50 but for around $8 and some change along with the paper soap.
Think Listerine strips but with soap and you don't eat it! lol- just a disclaimer. That cost about $2 for a 50pack. not bad eh?

Well after that we stopped at a Walgreens where I got the other two items along with a travel pillow and pillow cases for my long international flight ahead of me. Also the reason I got the soap!

Onto the life portion, well I thought I had my flight situation taken care of but I was given less than desirable flight dates. So that was rectified and I should be leaving the 25th of this month so around that time frame I might not update to much but I will def try to document!! Also tomorrow I have a meeting on base to get my stuff moved from point A here to point B not here lol jk Japan if you haven't been keeping up!!

So I guess I'm off to hunt for batteries for my camera and to pack my clothes and such for my upcoming busy week!! til next time!!

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