Thursday, October 9, 2008

im back, kinda

I have been really bored and busy since I didn't have internet. I will admit I have been slacking majorly. Not one picture has been taken during my off time.. shame I know but I will compensate eventually.. I guess lol.

I have indeed moved into my new place,I have a high rise in ikego hills. That means no dog, and possibly no bunny from what I read in the guide book, but that will be debated later with the housing office for some clarification. In the guide book it states that no wild or exotic animals can be kept as pets such as rabbits, ferrets,tarantulas, etc. But are they talking wild bunnies or domesticated bunnies? I can have two cats if I want but not a bunny?

Continuing I have been just renting movies from the mini mart to get by till now. I walk everywhere and my shoes show it, and kinda smell it... anyway the weather can't make up its mind. It's pouring rain one day then the sun is shining the next.

I've got my japanese cell phone now as well, i will put up pics soon i hope.

Small recap of my week so far
  • dropped off medical records at hospital
  • changed address of phones
  • got lost on the train
  • got lost some more
  • firgured everything out with the train
  • got internet- bout time
  • talked to laura, my mom, and brother on the phone and skype
  • talked to katie from she is super nice and really cool!!
  • made another friend from
  • might meet up with a friend in yokohama this weekend
  • will be signing up for japanese class in my building (gotta love not having to go far)
well thats it for now, i will try and update later today!!

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