Saturday, February 21, 2009

M.A.C mini haul, and kitties.

The other day I received my M.A.C purchase from the new Hello Kitty does M.A.C collection. What drove me to get what I did was I liked, the orange- Paradisco and the purple- Stylin'. I know Paradisco is part of the permanent line, but I couldn't resist the kitty, sue me. A little surprise I noticed was that the light cream color Cream Royal, is almost if not the same color as Rose en Blanc from the Strange Hybrid collection from a few years ago. I have been running low on Rose en Blanc and have been looking for a similar dupe for a while now, come to find out it came as a nice lil cherry topper to the colors I was drawn too ^__^ I also picked up a lipglass in Nice to be Nice. Its orengy and glittery but sheer enough for every day use. Most of my lip glosses are in the pinky peach range so I thought why not?! And I'm happy I did.


Styling, Cream Royal, Blacktrack,

Stila- kajal eye kohl in onyx

And some actual kitties because I love them ^__^

This is Sage, my girls cat, he's so laid back and he loves to snuggle

And this is my baby Lilly ^__^ she's a pansy and is scared of everything but she has made leaps and bounds when it comes to affection and dealing with new things

here is her crazy face lol


Glow Chaser said...

You just added me on Twitter and I couldn't resist taking a peep onto your blog!

I am so envious that you are in Japan - I should come back so I can stuff my face and my suitcase!

navy wife and beauty freak said...

lol definitely! such amazing food here^__^