Thursday, September 25, 2008

quick post #2

ok, so i have come back from laughlin obviously but heres the rundown real quick

got my passport
spent the past two days with laura at my mother in laws moving, sorting, tagging ,documenting stuff to be moved from point a to b on friday and mondday
finished packing my bags to fly
i fly in less than 12 hours and i still have shit to do so while i type this my precious time is slipping away
i got a text from husband saying they have indeed arrived
i wont see him til the day after i arrive
im super excited and nervous but there really isnt anything left to stress about because my family can do or send whatever my feeble human mind forgets

well im off to shower and do a final checklist for everything goodnight/goodmorning i probably wont post for a lil bit. hopefully there is wifi in THIS hotel-- u know wat i mean
love you guys laterz

1 comment :

AFWifey said...

LOL!! Computers are useless when you don't have internet! :) I miss you already!!!