Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Harajuku, Japan Pow wow pt 1

I'm late I know. Last monday L and I went out for ramen at Gyoza House and up to Harajuku and had a great time. Here are some pics from the craziness- gonna be a pic heavy post prepare yourself.

playing around with huge nerd glasses

This was a Monday and it was still packed

taking a pic of L taking a pic lol

Lynched Barbies?

Frog Leather Goods

what i believe to be an entrance to some strip club or something

ha, engrish

L cheezin

Giant Uggs, Shaq status

boobie pudding- yum?

us on the way home

Okay, now on to the Pow Wow. I had alot of fun meeting you ladies we must do something like this again!

wrap it up

it goes in your butt @__@

pads, haha

cute seal with huge pores!

nipple covers


face mask's


dessert nails

face mask's that look like something inappropriate

lunch at tony roma's


Anonymous said...

I posted pics! =)
PS. I LOVE Harajuku - it's like my 2nd home.

K said...

Dani, I'm so amazed that you know about agejo! You know so much about Japanese culture, probably even more than me! You're right, it is derived from Ageha.
The character for jo is 嬢 which means girl (like "ojo-sama" is what people call a rich girl from a good family)!

Kasumi said...

Hi Danni!! It was fun talking to you on blogtv along with Kay!
lol boobie pudding haha. I want some of that ;)

Anonymous said...

where you been lady?